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Explore How a Rebrand Helped a health discovery platform in the Health Industry


Qubed Agency is a branding and web design agency providing high quality services in the fields of technology, machine learning, marketing, crowdfunding and other technology related businesses. With a team of cross-sectional experts, the Qubed Agency has been changing the dynamics of the Branding world.

Client: Neuronytics

Neuronytics is an absolute technology-based marketplace. People and organizations can easily collect and trade neuro biomarker data. Neuronytics make sure that anonymity is key for every user who gets onboard with them.

What we did:

We rebranded the Neuronytics. From designing the website from scratch to making a new logo, we at Qubed Agency made sure that Neuronytics emerges as a new brand. From designing the logo, stationary, expo booth design, website, whitepaper, to charts/infographics, Qubed Agency worked days and nights to give the brand a new image and identity with more focus on Client orientation.


This interactive and innovative logo is a depiction of the healthcare services that Neuronytics provide. Our logo designers have used symbols of neurons to make the logo as relevant as possible with Neuronytics. By presenting multiple concepts using the sign of a neuron, Qubed Agency made sure the logo represents the true soul of the company.

Old Logo

New Logo proposals

Visual branding

Neuronytics will be an absolute technology-based marketplace. From trading neuro biomarker data to unique games, the website will be an absolute treat. Qubed Agency’s main strategy is to make the website more user-friendly. From increasing user engagement to fulfilling the efficacy needs. The UI/UX is made more interactive and digital. All the features are made easily approachable.

UX & UI design

Qubed Agency made the UI design more mobile friendly. The UI is more user-focused and responsive. With a transparent UI, the interaction of the users is made more feasible.


Whitepaper design

Scroll through the Whitepaper of Neuronytics to know what services they are offering.

Impact on branding

Qubed Agency made Neuronytics a unique digital health tracking system by providing the rebranding in the right manner. From designing the new logo to making stationary, expo booth design, website, whitepaper, and charts/infographics, Qubed Agency did it all.

Stationery Design

From making neuro biomarkers mainstream by allowing the users to interact with Neuronytics digitally, Qubed Agency made the stationery design more professional, user friendly and helpful. Apart from that, a touch of professionalism and uniqueness was added to Neuronytics.


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